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Article image Back to School on a Budget

Back to School on a Budget

August 22, 2017 - By: Helene Furst

It’s August in South Florida and that means it’s back to school for the kidoodles. We started school prep early since #2 just left for college. It seems that not including my educational career, I have been organizing and shepherding kids through that first day of school for over 20 years. I'm telling you I’m a pro. I will confess that all that cool gear, pencils, and funky notebooks can be dangerous waters to navigate, but I have learned some key strategies for keeping to that budget.

Sending your kid off with a hug and a Snoopy lunch box are history. Back to school begins mid-summer filling out all that paperwork, gathering medical forms and lining up your carpool. Of course, let me not neglect the dreaded back to school clothing expedition. My youngest is entering high school, and that means no more uniforms. So let me share som... [Continued]

Bored? Get Past The Burnout

Article image Bored? Get Past The Burnout

August 17, 2017 - By: Helene Furst

Today’s post is for all my fellow bloggers, content writers, and even those of you lovely peeps who have “normal” jobs. Sometimes, admit it, you just sit at your desk, laptop, patio, beach – wherever you work, and you blank. You are tired of the same old content and bored with what you’re doing. BUT, you LOVE your job…so, how can you beat the burnout blues?In the beginning, you got by with excitement, adrenaline and the plethora of ideas that you were going to share with the masses. But, time passes, and now you find yourself in a rut. Read on for some strategies to stay in love with your job, be it a blog, desk job, or something exciting like a skydiving, aerialist photographer. (Yeah, I’m not sure where that came from either.)


Connect. All of us in the creative fields know that “creating” is all about just... [Continued]

Snap Out of that Funk!

Article image Snap Out of that Funk!

August 15, 2017 - By: Helene Furst

Today’s post is brought to you by my insecurities and post new hire/fired funk. So I got a new job, a 9-5, real clothes, put on your big girl panties job. And it didn’t work out. At first, I thought I was OK, and for lots of reasons, I am, but a few days after waking up late in the morning (OK, late for me) I started to feel a little off. I questioned my integrity, my work ethic and myself in general. Overall, a bad funky mood settled over my world, and I was desperate to get out of it.We all wake up feeling cranky or depressed for no apparent reason, and we question our sanity as well as what is going on in our lives at the moment. Sometimes, our mood spreads to others, and that negative vibe is just a big downer all around. This in and of itself is a compelling reason to try on a positive attitude, otherwise, we might ruin a perfectly g... [Continued]

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Bored? Get Past The Burnout Comment By: Delphine
Thank you for some great tips, I especially like the sketchbook idea. I blog about travel and handma

Bored? Get Past The Burnout Comment By: Mica
These are good tips, thank you for sharing! I find a break or a change, even just a little one like

Bored? Get Past The Burnout Comment By: Brian G
Honestly, I haven't been bored for years. That is because I have injected the reading of a little bo

Bored? Get Past The Burnout Comment By: MorningBeans
While many people read the Bible or practice their own faith to conquer "boredom" Brian, you missed

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Bored? Get Past The Burnout Comment By: Kalyn
Such great tips! I've been feeling this way lately and think I'm going to pick up some colored penci

Bored? Get Past The Burnout Comment By: Tara
these are great tips! burnout and the general feeling of overwhelming exhaustion is quite easy to fi

Bored? Get Past The Burnout Comment By: MorningBeans

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