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Article image What’s Your Legacy?

What’s Your Legacy?

September 19, 2017 - By: Helene Furst

“The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

 It is an auspicious time of year for me. The Jewish holiday season is full of food, family and of course, prayer. It is also a time of introspection, when I feel like I have a second chance at all those resolutions I tossed about in January. It’s a time when I ask myself, in the presence of the Universe and God, who and what do I want to be this year. And every year I convince myself that I will make a break from the toxic things that surround me and that I will become a better version of “me,” and a better human being. This year I have been thinking about my footprint here on earth – my legacy. What am I going to leave behind one day for future generations?

OK, so the wheels are turning, squeaky, but still functional, as I ponder this big idea. We all consid... [Continued]

Better To Be Than Not To Be

Article image Better To Be Than Not To Be

September 14, 2017 - By: Helene Furst

So I’m home, back from an epic adventure of running from the storm, and I am wide awake. I’m lying in bed, flipping my pillow for the cold spot, and finally exhaling all that stress. Until you pack your life, loved ones and menagerie into a small SUV, driving at least 6 hours at a clip, you cannot fathom what stress really feels like. Imagine too close quarters, too many breathing life forms, and zero privacy. Sigh….but that is past now. Looking back, I am wondering at the quality of the time we spent, the measure of our days on the road.

Most days, I lie in bed, and I relive my day, pointing out the mistakes I made, the things I need or want to change, and the words I need to pen before they slip away entirely. Most of us measure our days, our lives, by what we do or have done. If our To Do list got done, if we received any praise... [Continued]


Article image Displaced

September 12, 2017 - By: Helene Furst

Which way is Irma headed? Like a flighty teen, she can't make her mind, yet leaves a mess in every space.

I feel like a character in bad B movie. We are running to escape the horrors of Mother Nature. Like many other Floridians, we are temporary refugees in search of safe havens from the incredibly powerful storm.

It took us a few days to decide if we should sit tight, hunker down and ride out the storm, or if we should go on the lam. Airline flights were out since I travel with an entourage of 4 birds, a dog, a teenager, my mom and my hubby. So where could we drive to outrun Irma? Well, it’s 9 hours drive (under normal circumstances) to Atlanta, Ga. FANTASTIC IDEA! Atlanta gets us off the peninsula, and it opens up in several directions so we would have options. We packed, we fought, we packed some more, and we left in my ... [Continued]

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Lose that Negativity for Good Comment By: MorningBeans
Me too!

Lose that Negativity for Good Comment By: Stephanie
Great post! I especially love your section on self-acceptance. I think that until we are able to a

Lose that Negativity for Good Comment By: MorningBeans
you're welcome Stephanie!

Lose that Negativity for Good Comment By: Tina
Love this! Being a Buddhist, we're constantly told to "let go" of negative feelings, because when we

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Lose that Negativity for Good Comment By: MorningBeans
I agree Tina. Negativity only breeds bad vibes. I feel like if you are positive then good things com

Lose that Negativity for Good Comment By: Bailey
It's so hard to learn to let go but it's so important to living a happy life and to move on past har

Lose that Negativity for Good Comment By: Julie I Aloha Lovely
I always struggle with letting go of things I cannot control. It's easy to get wrapped up in the neg

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